Analysis of faces at the bottom of the well

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Data were collected by group interview in the part of the study concerning health professionals. With examples from fan fiction and role playing games, the article discusses the notion of narrative competence as a possible way of understanding and describing the participation in multi modal text universe. When actors used a less strict version of the original EBP model, the pace of cultural and institutional change slowed down. The model of Evidence-Based Practice EBP is originally designed as a tool for clinical problem solving and work related learning. Evidensbaserad praktik EBP är en modell för problemlösning. Although the structural conditions have been optimal, the EBP-model has been debated with heat.

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The presentation thus shows the similarities between old and new texts and readings of them, but also focuses new aspects of literacy required for using fictional texts in new media.

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Sidas publikationer 2010

Den planerade studien innefattar två delstudier. Quality improvement initiatives have expanded recently within the healthcare sector. The psychometric property tests suggest initial support for the questionnaire to study and evaluate quality improvement initiatives in Swedish healthcare settings. They also described their perception of the pain as being different, in that it was not so frightening once they had been given a model with which to understand it. How two different types of improvement strategies facilitate and encourage involvement of different professional groups in healthcare organizations. Författaren illustrerar med skiftande infallsvinklar hur man tillämpar EBP-filosofin i syfte att ständigt förbättra den egna yrkespraktiken. Concordance between the patients' and health professionals' experiences was striking.

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analysis of faces at the bottom of the well
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analysis of faces at the bottom of the well
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