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And my name is Corinne. That was something I was learning to do. I lost Jeff in the crowd and made my way through the sea of humid bodies and smoke until I found a staircase and began to ascend. I told him my parents would be picking me up to take me to the mechanic, and he towed the car off. He moved the heaping spoon into me. Across each other we start to smile, lips separate and reconcile We come together fingers graze, celestial bodies set ablaze Oceans apart or by my side, should paths diverge or worlds collide All the feelings, all the sights, will stay with us throughout the night.

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I turned off the engine, gathered my backpack, and headed towards the rotating neon sign.

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New Podcast - Eric Barry Writes

What will be demanded of me To proclaim imperfection and help me to see That I once was blind to the ugly in me Some exercise in catharsis to purge this beauty. The reality is, if you want to survive on the internet, you have to be the least authentic version of yourself possible. I scaled the chair to the kitchen island where meals were always served. I told him my parents would be picking me up to take me to the mechanic, and he towed the car off. I bit into that sandwich and all that is holy and dairy and carbs made love to my mouth. Live by truth, live through fear, live with hope, live in time Live bisexual, live contextual, live it all, live it live From head to toe, thrive in your skin From ugliness to beauty, live beginning to end. What role of disgust must I fulfill In order to fill the hole that I feel In order to feel whole and feel real An order of happiness found in a pill.

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