Peeing for distance ladies

So this episode of the podcast is all my feelings on it and a quick run through of solutions. I sat down with her to ask the most common question I get -- how did you choose this career path and what advice would you give budding sex educators and sexologists? Give money -- patreon. They're called heuristics and we use then in all aspects our lives to make things easier. Thoughts on oral sex?

Look up genital prosthetics; go to Chase's website and channel and watch some of the videos in his Trans series.

We're sorry.

Ask them if they want to do Kegels together or listen to this episode of the Sexplanations Podcast. Go hand out condoms. I've been so fortunate to work with incredibly talented and hilarious people on Sexplanations' projects. Last year I met charismatic wonder woman on the plane returning to Missoula named Princess. It was difficult determining which topic to discuss with them because I knew that a really powerful conversation would ensue. Thoughts on being single?


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